Three mountaineers approaching the summit

Winter Mountaineering

We can run a winter walking, winter mountaineering or winter climbing course for you on a date of your choice: so if there is a skill you would like to learn or a route you have also wanted to climb then get in touch and we will design a course just for you.  We can guide you on a classic journey or teach you how to get out by yourselves.  We can design courses for all levels- just let us know what you have done before and what you would like to achieve. 

The price for all winter courses is a per instructor price not a per person price. 

The number of people each instructor can take will depend on the type of course you would like to do.
The ratios below are general rules to give you an idea but this may vary depending on your exact requirements.

Winter Walking (including learning how to use ice axe and crampons): 1 instructor to 6 clients

Winter Mountaineering (like scrambling but in winter conditions) : 1 instructor to 3 or 4 clients depending on the route. 

Winter Climbing: 1 instructor to 2 clients

So, for example, if six of you would like to do a winter walking course then it will cost you less than £31 each for a full day.